Into The Darkness...The Alter Ego

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                                                   A Moment Before Midnight

                                                    A Naverro Vampire Tale

Due to their unique psychic gifts, twins Dayton and Dakota Naverro have lived sheltered
lives on the very plantation were their ancestors toiled as slaves for generations.  When
Dayton is called away to aid an ailing friend, their quiet lives are severely disrupted.

Dakota’s best friend Paris drags her to a club where she meets her soul mate, Nicolay
Constantine.  Dakota fears once she reveals her gift of clairvoyance to him he’ll walk away
from anything she may have to offer.  Little does she know her new friend is a six hundred
year old vampire.  As their relationship blossoms, Nicolay’s office is mysteriously ransacked
and Dakota disappears.  Meanwhile, the Great Evil is plotting to lure Nicolay to a portal
located on the Naverro plantation to again make its grand entrance to the realm of the living.

Dayton, Lysette, Nicolay, and his arch enemy Gedeon must work together to save Dakota
and keep the Great Evil from again walking the earth.  In order to accomplish this, Nicolay
and Gedeon must put aside their differences, Lysette and Gedeon must reconcile, and
Dayton must adjust to the new man in his sister’s life.A
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                                                          A Licentious Storm

The front of her top was laced, giving an extra boost to her already perky breasts. It stopped
just above her navel. Neimiah traced his lips with his tongue as his eyes followed the line of
her stomach to her navel and eventually to where her skirt began. He stopped there, the need
to reach out and touch her tugging at every muscle in his body. He fought to keep control
but the swelling in his pants was becoming uncomfortable.

He needed a distraction but moving would only attract attention and he didn't need that.
He thrust his hands into his pockets, not knowing what else to do with them. Pain, he
needed pain to distract his mind. He bit down on his tongue, the need to control the serpent
threatening to escape so great that he drew blood. As his mouth filled with the metallic
tasting fluid, he heard Inez call to him.
I can take it away, but you must let me in.

Help me. Please. He'd never begged his mistress for anything, but he'd never been so afraid.
He couldn't lose her now, they couldn't lose her now. Not after they'd searched so long,
yearned for so long to be whole.
Close your eyes and breathe.

Neimiah did as the voice instructed. He opened his mind to his mistress allowing her power
to wash over him, through him. Within seconds, the urge to snatch Gianina from the place
she stood and take her fizzled to a soft ache and eventually it was gone. Goosebumps tickled
the hairs on his arms and a moment later he felt like his old self.
“Neimiah would you be a dear and help me?”

He opened his eyes, realizing the voice that had just spoken to him wasn't in his head. He
reached up on his side and pulled the velvet drape from the rod. His eyes grew wide and the
gentle pitter patter of his heart became a thunderous gallop. If he hadn't known the
pounding in his ears was his heartbeat, Neimiah would have sworn a herd of horses raced
in his head.

He heard the whispering of the people in the room but he couldn't make out their words.
The only thing he could focus on was the painting hung before him. A painting that should
have never seen the light of day. A canvas he'd poured everything he had into the night a
part of his heart was torn away. And there in the painting she stared back at him, mocking
him with sadness. Of all the ways she could have betrayed him, she had to send this one to
the woman he needed to bring home.

                                                           Praises of the novel

           "...explores the forbidden side of passion in this tantalizingly erotic novel."
                                           - Paula Henderson,